Beautiful & sustainable beeswax wraps to keep your food covered and fresh. Antibacterial, biodegradable, handmade. Saving our planet one sandwich at a time.


Small Beeswrap

Perfect for covering snacks, treats cheeses and other odds and ends, our small wraps are a great addition to anyone's lunch. Try them out on crackers and biscuits! In the kitchen they are ideal for covering dishes and small bowls.

Medium Beeswrap

Medium wraps are exactly what you need to keep sandwiches covered and fresh. Our beautiful honeycomb design adds life and colour to your lunch and spreads a scent of honey! These wraps can also cover fruits and blocks of cheese.

Large Beeswrap

Large wraps will perfectly cover several decent sized sandwiches for your lunch. They will also cater to larger fruits and cheeses, and are perfect for picnics! Try them on your salad bowls, plates and platters to brighten up the table with friends or family.

Extra Large Beeswrap


Extra Large wraps are the perfect solution to your leftover needs. They will cover dishes, plates and bowls, moulding to the shape through the warmth of your hands and, stay in place in the fridge. Loaves of bread can also be kept fresh with extra large wraps.